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Starches and starch derivatives:

Aeromyl (high-volume modified powder made from potato starch)
Corn starch, pregelatinized corn starch
Dextrins in various viscosities
Dextrose, monohydrate and anhydride, diverse grain sizes
Dry glucose, DE values 20 – 47
Glucose syrups in various concentrations
Maltodextrins, DE values 3 – 19
Mogul starch (molding starch)
Pea starch
Potato starch, potato flakes, potato granulate, potato powder, potato flour
Rice starch
Sorbitol solution 70% C and NC
Sorbitol, crystallized and powder
Starches, hot and/or cold soluble
Starches, modified, for all important applications, potato, corn, waxy corn-based
Starches, native, from peas, potatoes, corn, rice, tapioca and wheat – pregelatinized and cold soluble.
Tapioca starch
Vital wheat gluten
Waxy corn starch
Wheat starch powder, pregelatinized wheat starch

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