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Pharmaceutical products:

Ascorbic acid, pure crystallized USP 23, BP 98
Calcium carbonate, precipitated, light, Ph. Eur
Citric acid, monohydrate and anhydride, finely granulated, EP III, E 330
Corn starch, pregelatinized, cold soluble, EP, USP/NF, JPE
Corn starch, white powder, Ph. Eur.
Dextrin from corn, EP
Dextrose, monohydrate and anhydride, PG USP/EP, pyrogen free
Glucose syrup, EP, USP/NF, JP
Glycerin Ph. Eur. III, 86%, E 422
Maltodextrins, various DE values, EP, USP/NF
Milk sugar, in various grain sizes, compressible, Ph. Eur.
Potassium chloride Ph. Eur.
Potato starch flour superior, Ph. Eur., USP
Propylene glycol USP
Rice starch, EP
Sodium ascorbate, USP, FCC, E 301
Sodium bicarbonate (sodium hydrogen carbonate), E 500, Ph. Eur., dialysis quality
Sorbitol, crystallized and powder, EP, USP/NF, JP
Sorbitol solution 70% NC E 420, Ph. Eur.
Talcum, Luzenac Pharma, EP, USP, JP, E 553 B
Tartaric acid finely granulated, Ph. Eur., E 334
Trisodium citrate granulated, E 331 Eur. Ph.
Vanillin Rhovanil extra pure, finely crystallized, EP 4
Wheat starch powder, Ph. Eur.

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